Halal Certification

Halal is a religious standard which comes from Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. Halal gain popularity in gulf countries by their religious Code of conduct in ISLAMIC Religion.

The opposite of halal is haram, which means unlawful or prohibited.

Halal certification is applicable on FMCG such as Food products i.e. Meat Products, Juices, Spices, Pulses, food ingredients etc. Cosmetics products, Pharmaceuticals, Phytochemicals Ayurveda and Unani products.

As globalization of market is increased and most of demand in GULF MARKET of our FMCG product, these product require religious faith by the consumer in Gulf Market, Halal certification on the product increase the faith of the consumer who consume or used the FMCG Product by seeing the halal certification or logo on them.

Halal doesn’t allows the food Alcoholic drinks and product found as an ingredient in them. i.e. Foods made with pure or artificial vanilla extract coz vanilla is prepared with alcohol.

Pork meat and its by-products e.g. gelatin, lipase, pepsin, land animals without external ears Halal certificate is issued for either one year.

ACASCERT is happy to provide you with information about ingredients and products upon request. Just fill out the Contact Us form with your questions.

We can help you identify Halal compliance of critical ingredients in:

  • Processed Meats
  • Health and Beauty
  • Flavors and Ingredients
  • Bakery and Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Supplements and Other Consumables