Ensure that your products comply with safety regulations of Russia

Russia is currently the largest growing export market and the third largest after Europe and North America. UK represents one of the fasted growing export market.

Since 1993, the majority of the products and goods comply to the Russian regulations. Indeed, Russia has it own certification system for controlling the import and sales of goods and equipments : the GOST-R certification.

In 2010, the Customs Union (CU) between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan came into force. It will expand the trade with specifics regulations that you must meet. Some countries like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Ukraine are potentially interested of becoming part of the CU in the future.,/p>

What is GOST-R?

“GOST” means National Standards and “R” stands for Russia. Most products and equipments must have to comply with the Russian standards of quality and safety requirements.

The certificate is a 3 years period, valable from 1 to 3 years. GOST- R covers a large range of products such as industrial equipment, food health and beauty, textile, toys, household products, electrical and electronic products.

Benefits of GOST-R Certification

  • It helps to access the Russian market easily
  • Demonstrate customer satisfaction through deliver the consistent quality as per the customer requirement.
  • It helps to improve brand image and market value of the organization.
  • Money saving and time saving process.
  • It helps to minimizes risk, defect products and damages.