Notice About The Employee-Punit Lawaniyan , FONDOSSYS CERTIFICATIONS Who Has Ceased To Be In Employment

NOTICE is hereby given that Mr. Puneet Lawaniyan, resident of Aligarh is no longer in the employment of our company with effect from May, 2016. He is not authorized to represent the Accredium or its associates company in any matters whatsoever. Any person dealing with him shall do so at his own risk and responsibility.

Further, his company  as  Punit Lawaniyan ,  FONDOSSYS CERTIFICATIONS is not authorized to use the Name Accredium and his is not an authorized person or any way associated with our company or brand. Any Such Representation is misleading and false and we shall not be responsible for any loss caused to any person due to his misrepresentation.

For and on behalf of

Accredium Conformity Assessment Services Pvt Limited

Tejaswini Tiwari

Manager -HR